It's True Love When Your
Souls are "Destined to be One"

When two people are in love, life is a joy and a thrill. Those emotions are captured in "Destined to be One," the new song by John Scott G and Jan Linder-Koda, co-published by Golosio and Angel Diva Music. A music video of the song is produced and directed by the FookMovie collective.

"The idea of the video came from the phrase 'storybook romance'," G stated. Throughout the video, photographs in books and photo albums appear to come to life. "Appearing in the video are cherished photographs of Linder-Koda with her husband Ed and 1940s photos of my parents," G added.

The video also contains sequences from old movies that are in the public domain. "We went for old black-and-white footage of smiling lovers," G notes, "to emphasize the timeless nature of love."

The recording of "Destined to be One" features Linder-Koda's intimate vocals and Marty Rifkin playing everything except the percussion by Arash Haile. The video appears on the FookMovie site along with seventy of their other music videos. It also appears on YouTube

About Jan Linder-Koda
Jan Linder-Koda is a voice teacher, performance expert and mentor to recording artists. Her 30+ years of experience are lauded by performers, music business insiders, music journalists, and institutions such as Musician's Institute, Hollywood Talent Quest, Music Connection magazine, KTLA, and the Los Angeles Music Network's LAMN Jams. She runs Angel Diva Music.

About John Scott G
Composer John Scott G is a voting member of NARAS and a writer for the MusicIndustryNewswire. His primary business is Golosio Music Publishing where he licenses music for film, television, radio, and commercials. He is also recording artist The G-Man, with 8 albums on iTunes.

About Golosio and FookMovie
Along with two members of Merle Haggard's band, Doug Colosio and Scott Joss, G is a partner in Golosio. They feature many of their compositions on the SongsAndSoundtracks site. Songwriters and artists signed to Golosio have had their music utilized in commercials for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, The Auto Club, DIRECTV, General Dynamics, and many others. FookMovie is the visual production division of Golosio Music Publishing.

Image from the "Destined to be One" video

John Scott G

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