Doug Colosio, looking cool.

Scott Joss, being cool.

John Scott G, iPhoning it in.

James Sotelo, making noise.

John Scott G (with Minarik Inferno
and a very hands-on Doug Colosio).

So, what kind of
are these musicians?

Doug Colosio
Songwriter and keyboard player Doug Colosio has performed with Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, Jewel, and many other chart-topping country and crossover artists. You've heard Doug on the radio, you've seen him on Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Austin City Limits, and in concert with some of the most important figures in today's music. His recording, "American Piano," is part of the Sony Acid series.

Scott Joss
Songwriter, guitarist, mandolin player, singer, and master of the fiddle (and sometimes the violin!), Scott Joss moved from winning the California State Men's Fiddle Champion three consecutive years, to playing with some of the most noted names in the industry. He has played with Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, Pete Anderson, Tiny Moore, Roy Nichols, Dusty Wakeman, and his fiddle teacher, Jana Jae (of Buck Owens fame).

John Scott G
Songwriter and electronica geek John Scott G has released 8 albums as The G-Man and wrote the Jonny Harmonic album. A former board member for the California Copyright Conference, he writes for

James Sotelo
Guitarist, singer, songwriter and electronic music producer James Sotelo is working on his 2nd album of electronic music. Experienced in music theory, MIDI sequencing, writing and production, sampling, audio production and sound design, he creates numerous genres of music, including Dance, Hip-Hop, TeenPop, Rock and many others.

Jonny Harmonic
Mysterious electronic composer, dedicated to groove music. Loves rock, funk, jazz, avant-garde, classical, and ambient. "Even noise," he adds (via e-mail because no one has ever seen him).

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